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Wet Tee Teaser


The #1 Japanese breast goddess, Hitomi, is one of those huge-chested babes who knows how to dress for guys. This time, her curves are pouring out of tiny denim cut-offs and a white tank-top. Her body is unstoppable. It’s good to know that hot chicks like to dress like this in Japan also. In this scene from the DVD, On Location Puerto Vallarta, Hitomi’s in Mexico.

Slipping a hand down her shorts, Hitomi rubs her pussy hard. Then she needs to cool off. Walking over to the kitchen sink, Hitomi runs cold water over her tank-top. The wet fabric becomes translucent and her nipples, stiff from the water, can be seen. She’s just getting warmed up. A long cock-shaped toy gives Hitomi something to suck on. She sticks it between her tits and fucks her cleavage, too. Stripping off completely naked, Hitomi climbs on the kitchen counter and rubs her pussy again until she cums.