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Introducing Daisy Deseo


Daisy Deseo, a 43-year-old divorcee and mom from Prague, came to us because she wanted to fuck hung porn studs for all the world to see. Later this week, she’s going to do just that. And down the road, she’s going to get her sweet ass fucked by a big cock.

But today is all about introductions, and Daisy introduces herself by wearing a tight, short, sexy dress with fishnet stockings. This horny lady has long, dark hair and a very sensual way about her. She does a little strip so we can see her firm, little titties and pulls aside her panties so we can see her well-fucked pussy. Then she takes out one of her favorite toys, sucks it, lubes it up and stuffs it deep inside her cunt.

Is Daisy having fun? You bet she is. But not as much fun as she’s going to have later this week.

“I prefer the real thing,” she said. “But I love my toys, too.”

You’re going to love Daisy.