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Helena Hope: How Far Can It Go Down Her Throat?


The first few minutes of Helena Hope taking a giant cock-dildo all the way down her throat in this video is an impressive sight. Helena also takes it deep in her pussy too.

“I can deep throat an average dildo for over two hours without pulling it out and have done it on a livestream before,” Helena said.

Veteran SCORE readers will remember the blonde Amazon Honey Melons, also known as the “Kielbasa Queen.” Honey could deep throat 14- to 18-inch sausages and dildos during her strip club shows.

So the question to ask is, when Helena gives a blow job, does she spit or swallow?

“I honestly get annoyed and laugh at this question because, in my opinion, you shouldn’t be sucking cock if you don’t want to taste every drop of the reward of giving head, so yes, I only swallow.”