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Gina Monelli’s big introduction


When asked to describe her perfect day or evening, Gina Monelli, a 42-year-old wife and mom, said, “Sleep, eat and fuck.” And repeat! Sounds like a good day to us. Mrs. Monelli, who’s from Ukraine and lives in the Czech Republic, is very fuckable with her beautiful face, overall tight body and very appealing pussy. We asked about her marital status, and she said, “Good,” which is not what we meant. She meant, “My marriage is good because I suck and fuck my hubby all the time and he lets me fuck other men and women.”

Gina says her friends would be surprised to see her here, doing this, meaning getting naked and fucking her wet cunt with a big toy. But those are her friends who don’t know her well. She’s a swinger and describes herself as “a hot wife.” We’d say that’s an apt description.

“I have sex with much-younger guys,” she said. “It’s so good.”

She’s also a nudist.

She fantasizes about fucking 10 guys at the same time.

And she says being watched while having sex “makes me more horny.”

Didn’t think it was possible.