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Diana Eisley Takes Over


Our girl Diana Eisley has a new outfit to show off to Berry McCockiner. It’s a long yellow fishnet dress, the kind that girls wear over their swimsuits at the beach or pool.

Berry reaches out to fondle Diana’s magnificent boobs. She peels off her dress and they both play with her pale, creamy tits. She eagerly pulls off his pants to get at his pole so she can smoke it. She tugs on him and sucks him hands-free then uses her arms to squish her breasts together with his cock buried between them.

It’s dick-down time for the young sweater-stretcher after Diana’s horny breast sex. She wants to be on top first. She squats on his bone and leans back to bounce up and down. Diana’s tits vigorously bounce in tandem with her hips. Wanting more, Diana reverses her position with her back to Berry, grinding her ass cheeks into him, getting her pussy filled. What Diana wants, Diana gets.