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Danger! Highly Flammable!


Stephanie Stalls shows off her hyper-flexibility and her dancing skills in a scene from the SCORE archive. Her ringed-nipples are really pliable too. The photographer asks Stephanie what’s the biggest request she gets from guys. “They want a motorboat,” Stephanie says, giving a demo of her twin-engine motorboating power. Man, that’s speed.

The Kentuckian is well-known for winning exotic dancer awards. We’d pin one on her, too, but there’s nothing to pin it on after a few minutes. Dancing, stripping, boob shaking, gyrating, flexing, clit-rubbing and fingering–there’s a lot going on in Stephanie’s videos, and in between, she works up a good chat too. In a SCORELAND BLOG, Dave wrote “Blond hair, long legs, big ass, big tits, pierced nipples, pierced clit…if any girl looks like a porn star, it’s Stephanie.”