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Arianna’s Kitchen


“This is my kitchen. I know you expect to see plates and glasses and pots. But here is a special place. I have glasses in my cabinet, but I have dildo glasses. This is my special kitchen. My kitchen of pleasure. I have many, many dildos everywhere. I have a dildo for every occasion.”

Arianna Sinn’s kitchen has dildos everywhere. She pulls out a big flesh-colored fuck toy.

“It’s one of my favorite dildos because it looks so real. I use it a lot. I like it so much because it’s soft and looks real. I love the size. My pussy looks good with it inside. And I can turn it on and make it vibrate.”

Then she pulls out a pink dildo.

“This is the dildo I use when I feel nasty,” she says. “It is huge. Only a huge dildo can fuck my boobs.”

There’s also a clear dildo on a suction cup that Arianna uses to practice her cock-sucking and ball-licking skills. “It’s a special dildo because I can feel your balls,” she says before going down for a deep suck.