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Amber Alena: The Fantastic String Bikini Fling


The most-requested outfit for Amber Alena is the bikini. Just picture Amber at the beach wearing one of those stringy things. This scene begins with Amber already wearing an orange bikini. Red, white and blue bikinis are lined up on the countertop. Admiring these dental floss swimsuits, Amber is ready to get this party started.

“I think my breasts get more attention than me, but I really enjoy the attention and wouldn’t change it for anything. People looking at my chest makes me happy. I like to show them off when I go out. Sometimes I’ll wear low-cut tops and at other times, I’ll wear a turtleneck or something similar that covers my chest, because to me, as long as the clothing is tight and form-fitting, I love to wear it!”

Amber is the covergirl of SCORE magazine Volume 31 Number 4, coming soon to eBoobStore and a shop near you.